Every month, Kelle Marie (The Mask's girlfriend and Penthouse Pet of the Year runner up 2003) will pick one lucky stiff to be the mask! Every 30 days we will compile a list of members who wish to be the mask. Kelle Marie will then throw a dart at a printout of members and where it sticks will determine the winner. The chance of winning is far greater than winning the lottery!

The Mask will give you a crash course in photography. After that you're on your own with the model. You may choose who you would like to shoot and star with in your own porn movie. WildOnX will supply you with a list of girls available for the shooting.

After the shooting, you and the model will be taken by limo to a 5-star restaurant, accompanied by The Mask and Kelle Marie. After dinner, The Mask will film another scene with you and the model inside the limo as a parting gift. That should give you plenty of time to store up another huge load!